Problem Solving Interview with LEI

Chet Marchwinski of LEI conducted a short interview with Art Smalley regarding problem solving and improvement. The video was just posted on-line by LEI at the following link: The book on the 4 Types of Problems is due to be published by LEI later this year. I will announce any updates when we hear of a release date ...
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Lean Conference Brazil 2015

Brazil Conference Presentation
I'll be one of the key note speakers in Brazil this month at a major lean conference in Sao Paulo. The conference theme deals with improving during slow economic times. There will be a mix of attendees from various industries and service sectors. During my 90 minute presentation I will talk about the importance of leadership thinking and "shaping" routines required to drive res...
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Lean Coaching Summit: 4 Types of Problems

I gave a presentation at the 2015 Lean Coaching Summit in Seattle Washington earlier this summer. The contents deal with establishing a logical frame work for various types of problems and coaching routines overall. The contents are part of a workbook I am collaborating on with John Shook and the Lean Enterprise Institute. We hope to have it ready to publish by the end of this ...
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Houshin Kanri and PDCA Management

In this month's question over on the Lean Edge Klaus Peterson, Solar's Group process manager asks how do we ensure focus on constant momentum on our lean journey? My response over on the Lean Edge: This question centers upon how do you maintain focus and momentum on a Lean journey. In a nutshell that is why Toyota developed and utilized its form of Houshin Kanri and PDCA ...
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Toyota’s Functional Organization

In this month's question over on the Lean Edge Klaus Peterson, Solar's Group process manager asks about how to transform a silo based organization into a more horizontal one focusing on business practices. Here is my response posted over on the Lean Edge. I don’t have a very snappy answer with five insightful key points for the question posited this month. The question po...
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Standardized Work Confusion

This month's question over over on the Lean Edge comes from Cécile Roche, Thales LEAN Director - Probasis and she asks about Standardized Work and whether it is an individual effort or collective effort. My response posted over at the Lean Edge: If I had five dollars for every question I ever had to answer about Standardized Work or Standards inside of Toyota I’d be a ver...
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Performance Organization

This month's question over on the Lean Edge asks why is there such a resistance to creating learning organizations and why are leaders letting the future deteriorate without doing anything about it. I am not sure that I can answer the question with any relevant facts to be honest. In order to answer this question properly I think the proper thing to do in TPS spirit is to "get ...
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Sorry No Buzzword

In this month's question Jan van Ginkel, Director Value Stream Management & Supply Chain Development at Sara Lee CoffeeTea asks what distinguishes a good lean leader from a traditional one in terms of behavior and results in short sentence. Here is my response posted over at the Lean Edge: Sorry but in all honesty I am not a fan of providing “sound bite” sized answers...
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