TWI Material

Below are the various influential and interesting Training Within Industry files in English that made their way over to Japan after the end of WWII. Eventually they were shared with Toyota starting in 1951-53. According to former Toyota Manager Isao Kato who ran the TWI courses inside of Toyota for three decades they played a profound influence on certain elements of TPS and especially supervisor development.

Although there is more to the TWI material that the files listed below. However these were the three main courses that were actually trained inside of Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. TWI Job Instruction enjoyed the longest run inside of the company stretching over 40 years. Job Relations was a close second before it was discontinued. Job Methods was only taught for a couple of years during the 1950’s inside of Toyota. It was replaced quickly by the Shigeo Shingo P-Courses starting around 1955 for productivity enhancement. The P-Courses where eventually replace by an internal Kaizen Methods Course.  I have included a couple of other files like the T-shirt folding video I have found useful over the years as well. (Note: Read Me First).