On this page you will find a variety of articles from websites, journals, and other sources that were authored by Art Smalley the President of Art of Lean, Inc.

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Internet Articles

  • The Eight Questions of TPS
  • The Eight Questions of TPS Graphic
  • Isao Kato on Shigeo Shingo’s P-Course
  • The Thinking Production System
  • “Delphi Saginaw Stability Article” – by LEI
  • “Creating Basic Stability” –
  • “TPS vs. Lean: Unintended Consequences” –
  • “TPS Versus Lean – Additional Perspectives” –
  • “TPM at the Heart of Lean” – The Manufacturer
  • “Pull System Must Fit Your Needs” – SME
  • “The State of Lean” – Appliance Magazine

Other Articles

  • “Toyota Kamigo Plant Tour Review”
  • “Aishin Seiki Tour Review”
  • “Tips on a Lean Supply Chain” – Lean Sigma Magazine (31 kb, pdf)
  • “Pull Systems With Batch Processes” – Art of Lean (36 kb, pdf)

Articles With Interviews & Quotes

  • Industry Week Webcast July 18, 2007
  • Comments in Assembly Magazine” – March 2008
  • Assembly Magazine Article with Art Smalley – Assembly (75 kb, pdf)
  • “Q&A Interview with Art Smalley” – IMPO (37 kb, pdf)
  • “It’s Not Easy Being Lean” – Wall Street Journal (17 kb, pdf)
  • “Waste Not” – The Manufacturer (52 kb, pdf)
  • “Lean: The 3rd Generation” – Industry Week (51 kb, pdf)
  • “Never too Lean” – Information Week (162 kb, pdf)
  • “Old and New Technology” – Financial Times (12 kb, pdf)
  • “Toyota Product Development” – Bloomberg (36 kb, pdf)
  • “Looking for Nirvana” (21 kb, pdf) / “Lean Machine” – Forbes
  • “What’s Holding Lean Back” – Managing Automation (53 kb, pdf)
  • “Lean Workstations” – Assembly Magazine (199 kb, pdf)

Toyota Articles

  • Masao Nemoto Leadership Principles
  • Fujio Cho Forbes Magazine Article
  • Mikio Kitano TPS Speech
  • Mr. Fujio Cho comments on Toyota – BBC
  • Toyota’s MR-50 – Reliable Plant
  • Eiji Toyoda On The Origins of TPS

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  1. Ian Justiniano says:

    I am unable to find the publish date of the Kamigo Plant Tour Review. Do you have that on record?

  2. Art Smalley says:

    The date for the visit would be around September 12th and subsequent article would be September 16th of 2006.

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