Lean Conformance vs. TPS Performance

Art Smalley
Here is a response to a question about multi-purpose cells I gave to a question over on the Lean Edge. The main question asked here is “have workplaces moved to multi-purpose cells or do we still see isolated operators on the shop floor (現場 / Genba)”? The statement implies that was what “Toyota” was teaching us 20 years ago.  Well that last part I sort of doubt it. In re...
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Standardized Work Confusion

This month's question over over on the Lean Edge comes from Cécile Roche, Thales LEAN Director - Probasis and she asks about Standardized Work and whether it is an individual effort or collective effort. My response posted over at the Lean Edge: If I had five dollars for every question I ever had to answer about Standardized Work or Standards inside of Toyota I’d be a ver...
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Standardized Work

This concept is one of the more famous topics in the Toyota Production System yet I don't see a lot of companies applying it correctly. Often times they struggle for a variety of reasons. All too often I see companies attempting to put the proverbial square peg in a round hole with regards to Standardized Work. One naive assumption is that Standardized Work is the only type of ...
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