10 Tips for Coaching Problem Solving

Have you ever struggled to give good coaching advice to someone delivering a problem solving presentation? Giving good feedback is difficult and takes practice. Giving feedback however is just one small part of coaching. In this video below I give some thoughts pertaining to the overall process of coaching and improving problem solving skills.

I gave this presentation to one of my clients as part of a “Lunch and Learn” series and decided to turn it into a short video. It is aimed at the topic of more effective coaching in problem solving. Most people or organizations rely upon a give technique or particular style. Usually it revolves around just asking open-ended questions or one or two specific points of advice. There is nothing wrong with that tactic. However it is not enough to help most people improve or drive fundamental change to your organizational culture.

In the video below I outline ten specific things I try when I work with organizations on the topic of problem solving and coaching. I have more specific and situational topics as well but these ten are useful in just about any situation. I use them in kid’s sports, martial arts, and of course my client work. You can probably massage them in different ways to fit your needs. Good luck with your coaching work!


The time stamps for each of the ten topics are in the YouTube main description body. You may want to jump around to one particular topic that catches your interest. In addition I will post the time stamps here as well for each section:

0:00 Intro

0:54 Tip #1 Sharpen you sword

3:00 Tip #2 Plan for every person

3:55 Tip #3 Video practice

6:08 Tip #4 Prepare the environment

7:15 Tip #5 Embrace thinking patterns

8:55 Tip #6 Coaching styles

10:45 Tip #7 Role for everyone

12:21 Tip #8 Utilize job aids

14:01 Tip #9 Time frame management

16:15 Tip #10 Make it fun

17:18 Summary

Good luck with your coaching work!