Lean Thinking

Part of improvement is indeed related to how you think and interact with others in order to obtain better results. However most organizations struggle to develop this mindset and behaviors in leaders or employees. One of our ten leadership shaping principles in fact is called “thinking patterns”.  This involves how you personally think, make decisions, act, and communicate with others.  The Toyota system of improvement involves both respect for people and continuous improvement. This in turn requires you to have critical skills in both areas. Simply holding improvement events from time to time or asking open ended questions is not enough to drive improvements in the long run. In this new featured section of the redesigned website I’ll create, categorize, and communicate the articles I find most useful on this topic.

2 thoughts on “Lean Thinking

  1. Lenka says:

    Excellent topic Art and congrats on your redesigned website!! Would you considèr “fixed and growth mindset” part of the puzzle? Think growth mindset helps tremendously.

  2. Art Smalley says:

    Yes I definitely think it is related topic. Thinking patterns are important and TPS is certainly a growth / change for improvement mindset!

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