Video: Patterns of Kaizen and A3 Thinking

Here is an attempt to add some sound and basic video editing to a presentation that I have given over the years. I am not including any video footage of myself in the presentation. For simplicity I am just adding audio and some effects to the presentation files and uploading it onto a video hosting site. This presentation runs about 41 minutes in length. FYI: there are a few rough spots as I have not gone back and edited the audio the way I would like to. For now this is just an experiment. If there are enough views and or positive comments I may try this again with some other presentation files or short training videos.

4 thoughts on “Video: Patterns of Kaizen and A3 Thinking

  1. Hello Art:

    In my opinion it’s a great idea. I encourage you to continue with this videos. Many of us are very grateful to you for your contributions to the lean knowledge. I’d like to see more videos very soon.


    JM Vives

  2. Erick says:


    I think that this video is a good idea to promoe and encourage people to know more about the TPS methodology and tools. I like it so much because its summarized since the history even the best form to implement each part of the process. Share it!!!



  3. Don Woodward says:

    Excellent overview and review, thank you.
    Please do continue to provide webinars!

  4. Great presentation. Thank you for making this material available. I am looking forward to watching more of your Lean and TPS videos as I am an avid student of TPS and Lean. More power to you and your efforts.

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